Teaching Bharatanatyam in a kind, interactive way that upholds the fundamentals of the Kalakshetra tradition is a core part of NATyA Dance. I am committed to instilling a lifelong love of dance and art in all our students. At this time, I offer regular classes on Sundays in Natick, MA at Sereda DanceWorks.

Rasa, Talam, and Strength | Ages 5-10

I currently teach two levels of beginners. Beginner I students focus on building strength and rhythm, and learn elementary dances that focus on feeling, expression, and musical timing. We also develop adavus (foundational steps) and start using them in varied ways. Beginner II students, who have been dancing with NDS for 2-4 years, have progressed through basic foundational steps (adavus) and are working on short dances that include elements of expressive and abstract dance. Please contact me if you think one of these beginner sessions is right for your child. A new session begins on September 8th, 2019.

Intermediate Bharatanatyam for Adults

This class welcomes adults who have previously studied Bharatanatyam and wish to brush up on fundamentals, get in shape, and experience dancing again. If you have studied Bharatanatyam at all previously, or just want to hit a reset button, this is also the class for you. We will focus on building strength and stamina through adavus (foundational abstract steps in Bharatanatyam) and yoga, while also developing our rasa through exploration of music, rhythm, and stories. This class helps adults develop an expressive artistic persona and build their Bharatanatyam repertoires. Please contact me if you are interested in joining this class.